Travel United Cup 2024

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  • The tournament format will be 5 v 5
  • Squad numbers must be a minimum of 5; maximum of 10 players
  • All matches will be 7-minute halves with a 2-minute break at Half-Time
  • Teams will change ends at Half Time
  • Teams may operate unlimited roll-on, roll-off substitutions during matches
  • All players on the field must wear shin pads
  • Kick-Off is determined by a coin-toss or equivalent to determine which team kicks-off
  • Kick-Off must begin with a pass-back to a team player. This can be straight to the goalkeeper
  • The ball is permitted at any height during play
  • All throw-ins must be roll-on
  • All corners must be kicked
  • Players can NOT enter the penalty area
  • Goalkeepers can NOT leave their penalty area
  • Players issued with a yellow card will be suspended for 2 minutes
  • Players issued with a red card are permanently suspended from play for that fixture
  • Teams will compete in groups, playing every other team in the group once
  • All matches played will operate a points system: 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw
  • Where teams are tied on points after all Group matches, Goal Difference (GD) will support the team to qualify
  • If GD is tied, goals scored for will be counted in support of the team to qualify
  • The Referee decision is final in all circumstances and should be respected at all times

Your team are welcome to bring additional support to cheer you on, up to a maximum of 10 people in addition to your playing team. If you do wish to bring supporters you must notify Just a Drop or the Street Soccer Foundation of all the names in your anticipated party before the event.

All teams are asked to arrive to the playing venue for 12 noon on the day of the event to pass through security and to be formally checked in. Following, all teams will then get changed in the changing rooms on site and enter the pitch to warm up. There will then be a tournament briefing shortly before the tournament KO from 12:45. The tournament will start from 1pm.

 All teams need to provide their own playing kit and should consist of a playing shirt, shorts and socks. Where team colours clash we will provide a set of bibs for one team.

The playing surface is grass – a Premier League club standard no less (!) as the tournament will be taking place on the actual pitch at Craven Cottage. All representative players are therefore encouraged to wear ‘Firm Ground’ Football Boots. These are the most common boots, categorised by their soleplate, which has shorter studs that are not interchangeable. The studs are typically made from hard plastic or rubber and can be bladed or conical in shape.

Food and refreshments will be provided strictly for all players in the tournament. No food brought onto the site is permitted. All food and refreshments must be obtained from within the site inside the stadium. For Supporters, Fulham FC will open a Refreshments kiosk during the event to serve food and refreshments throughout the afternoon. All participating players will be handed a Token on arrival which will entitle the token holder to one main food item and one beverage. Additional bottled water, along with Teas and Coffees will also be made available to all players, available via the Press Room nearby the main pitch.