The Travel United Cup

is an annual football tournament that unites the travel sector to come together in support of the following two charities: The Street Soccer Foundation and Just a Drop. Learn more about both charities here below.

The Street Soccer Foundation

(Reg Charity: 1189558)

The Street Soccer Foundation is an internationally-recognised award-winning sport-for-change charity operating throughout England.

The charity uses football as a catalyst to help educate, up-skill and inspire children and young people in communities across the country, creating lasting impact in the lives of programme participants and their families.

It’s flagship programme, the National Street Soccer Academy is the No.1 football-led project tackling youth homelessness in England. Delivered in partnership with several professional football clubs across the Premier League and English Football League in communities nationwide, the Street Soccer Academy is a personal development and mindset coaching course, providing a learning and development opportunity for 18-30 year olds who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

By using the global number 1 sport, the Street Soccer Foundation is committed to making a difference and improving outcomes in the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged young adults and children throughout the world.

For more information, please visit the official website:

Just A Drop

(Reg Charity: 1100505)

Just a Drop is an international development organisation dedicated to providing access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for communities in need around the world.

With a focus on sustainability and community engagement, Just a Drop has positively transformed countless lives over the past 25 years. We currently operate in six countries, spanning Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Nicaragua, India, and Cambodia. In our history, we have reached almost two million people with access to safe water, reaching almost 50,000 last year alone.

Just a Drop’s approach centres on a holistic approach to international development, which means that with our community projects, safe water is just the start. Alongside water solutions we provide latrines, hand washing facilities, sustainable agriculture training, climate mitigation and resilience, menstrual hygiene management, soap making, and income-generating loans.


For more information, please visit the official website:

Where Your Money Is Invested...

All monies raised from the annual Travel United Cup event are shared 50-50 between the two registered charities.

For every £250 the Street Soccer Foundation obtains, it will use these monies to invest in sponsoring a place for a young person to join its nationally acclaimed Street Soccer Academy programme. And every £2,500 will sponsor a full Academy of up to 10 young people. Together, Changing Lives through Football.

Just a Drop will invest monies raised to support life-changing projects around the world. Just a Drop offers a variety of solutions which ensure that people receive life-changing access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. While the cost of each project varies depending on the solution provided and the location, the average cost of providing a person with safe water, taken across all its projects, is just £4.50. This means that the entry fee for one team alone could support 555 people with access to safe water and sanitation, transforming lives.

Just a Drop employs a range of solutions, but the core projects implemented are safe water sources such as biosand filters, sand dams, rainwater harvesting tanks, and hygiene and sanitation facilities such as latrines and handwashing stations. However, its approach to development goes much further than this, and to ensure that communities are better off in the long-run, the charity also provides sustainable agriculture training, climate mitigation and resilience, menstrual hygiene management, soap making, and income-generating loans. 

By participating in the Travel United Cup 2024 you can do an incredible service to people around the world who currently do not have safe water to drink, as well as be a part of an amazing celebration of the good that football can do to help others make a positive transition in their lives!

We can’t wait to see the returning teams as well as lots of new faces at this year’s Travel United Cup 2024 event.

Thank you for your valued support.

Your involvement and taking part in The Travel United Cup really matters and helps both charities tackle real issues locally, nationally, and internationally. Together, United.